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Post Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:01 pm   
Post subject: ZSNEX 240P Build (Yup 240P) HQ Exclusive
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Well guys its getting close to Canada Day and that means new releases. If you happened to be one of those guys watching the 240P thread you know I decided to take over maintaining ZSNEXBOX the greatest SNES emu for XBOX. And we now have a new build based off my force rez screen paint build. If you were hoping for the new KIxxx sorry thats waiting till July 1st

Whats new and kewl?
Well if youre a purist ie a guy who wants your SNES emu to look just like a SNES in all its crappy low rez glory then this for you. Running in SD you get a forced rez of 240 (interlaced) if rocking an HD pack you get a forced rez of 240P. Yup 240 fuc*&ng P Very Happy Confirmed using the SNES 240P Test Suite. If still not convinced just fire up a game using this latest build of ZSNEX then fire up the same game using SNES9x the difference is like the difference between hotdogs and T-bone steak

The Point
Well since HQ is where I started out many moons ago (mod then admin, Hobbs and DJB helped me along immensly thanks guys) I figured the guys here as long as they agree not to leak it deserve pre-release access. So PM me and I will give you a link to download. DO NOT SHARE THE LINK. AND UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES UPLOAD THIS TO A SITE THAT CHARGES. Im a firm believer that I made it for free, I shared it for free and nobody will make a buck off my hard work Very Happy

Since some people asked about screen shots, there you have it. 256x224 the original rez for the SNES and progressive scan. Both shots taken with ZSNEX and untouched.

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