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Original Xbox Download  Softmod Installer Deluxe v2.0 Released Original Xbox Downloads

Softmod Installer Deluxe v2.0 Released

Xbox Hacking
Forum thread: here

This is the last version of Softmod Installer Deluxe I will release, unless something radically changes in the future. I've sorted out any small bugs that were there and it should be working 100% now.

What's Fixed?

  • Game saves have now been made Action Replay / Mega X-Key compatible.
  • Skin problem fixed.

    This will be a part of the upcoming Auto-Installer Deluxe v2.0 which should be out within a couple of months.

    What does it include?

  • Softmod Exploit Packages for 007 Agent Under Fire, MechAssault, and Splinter Cell.
  • bert-generic.xtf, ernie.xtf, s.xtf, s2.xtf, and s3.xtf hacked fonts.
  • Signed Phoenix BIOS Loader, with Dual Boot function.
  • Evox M8
  • 1.6 BFM BIOS (with G Drive Support for HDD Upgrades).
  • Unleash 0.37.1218 Build 543 and Evolution X 1.8.3935 for Dashboards.
  • Dvd2Xbox 0.6.3 (to rip smaller games and Audio CDs to your HDD).
  • DVD-X v2 to watch DVDs, without the remote.
  • Backup / Recovery functions.

    What does it do?

    Softmod Installer Deluxe is similar to other various gamesave exploit installers such as lTools, SIN, and WaffleTools. Once this gamesave is on your Xbox HDD and you have booted your game of choice, you can softmod your Xbox. The installer will even make a backup of your C Partition just in case it doesn't work, just in case.

    It will install a Dashboard at C:evoxdash.xbe (or E:evoxdash.xbe if you prefer), Font Exploits, DVD-X (for watching movies), and a BIOS Loader (PBL) to load the hacked bios.

    This installer should work on ALL current Xboxes to this date.

    What does Softmodding do? It allows you to run a Dashboard and play burned discs with an Xbox that doesn't have a Modchip. It is the easiest and quickest ways to mod your Xbox, wihout having to pull it apart. You can however go one step further and replace your stock HDD and softmod, but as of yet I haven't done this.

    What do I need?

  • This Softmod Installer (obviously).
  • Latest MS Dash (version 5960), just run a newish game with Xbox Live support (Burnont 3, Need for Speed Underground 2, etc.) and this will update your MS dash to the latest one. Alternitavely, you can extract it from Auto-Installer Deluxe v1.0 and higher. Extract the Auto-Installer Deluxe ISO and go to FilesDash. You'll see a ms-c.zip file here, which contains the MS Dash 5960. Use either FTP or other means to transfer it over to E:BackupMS once the Softmod has been installed. You can also just Format C, install the new MS Dash, then re-apply the Softmod.
  • An Xbox Memory Card, Action Replay, Mega X-Key, or a compatible USB Memory Stick (you will need a USB Adapter cable for this) to store the gamesaves so that you can load them on to your unmodded Xbox.
  • An Original of either 007 Agent Under Fire, Mechassault, or Splinter Cell. Please note that the Xbox Classics range WILL NOT work, it must be the older versions.

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    Xbox Hacking:
    Softmod Installer Deluxe v1.0 Released

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